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Alright! If you have ever wanted to get essays written for you, you are on the right website. Swiss Scholar is an online assignment writing service that has already helped hundreds of students, and we will write an essay for you, too. We offer A+ quality of work and guarantee that your paper will impress your professor! Just text us, “Make my essay for me, please!” and our team of professional essay writers will start working. If you want to learn more about how this works, keep reading, and don’t forget to place your first order!

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Features of Our Essay Writing Service

“Please write an essay for me ASAP; I need it to be perfect and unique!” No problem! Receiving a perfectly written paper promptly has never been easier. Swiss Scholar is here to write your essay, and we guarantee that your paper will be unique, of high quality, and delivered promptly. You just need to trust us and don’t worry about anything.

Extra Quick Results

Get your essay written in 3 hours! Our experts can deliver papers of high quality so quickly that it almost seems impossible, but it’s true, and our customers saw it for themselves. If you need a perfectly written paper ASAP, just let us know, and one of our essay writers will start working on your order right away. Not one deadline has been missed so far, and we intend to keep it this way!

Your essay will be unique!

Uniqueness is the key! We do not allow any plagiarism in our papers, and we check each order before you receive it. Whenever our essay writers use outside sources, they ensure that they are credible and they are cited according to the latest formatting rules. You don’t have to worry about plagiarism when you place an order on our website. Your essay will be one of a kind!

Quick A+ Results

We offer essay writing services of the highest quality in as fast as 3 hours! Swiss Scholar has a great team of professional writers who will take into account all your ideas, remarks, and comments and write a paper that will exceed your expectations. A+ results are guaranteed! Even your professor will be surprised with your assignment because our writers know exactly what to do!


Many online essay writing services are not cheap at all. You might expect our services to be rather expensive, too; why else would we guarantee the highest quality of papers? Don’t worry; Swiss Scholar is for everyone! We offer the lowest prices for essays on the market. If you need someone to write your paper and enjoy your savings, Swiss Scholar is the perfect choice for you!

24/7 WhatsApp and Telegram Support

Our support team is constantly online, and they are monitoring our WhatsApp and Telegram and are ready to answer your questions and forward your requests to our writers. Just text us, “I want to pay someone to write my essay!” We won’t make you wait long; you will receive an answer right away, and your order will be forwarded to our writers. You can send us the instructions for your essay via email, WhatsApp, and Telegram because we value your time and want to make sure that our online platform is easy to use.

All Papers Are Double-Checked

When you seek help with writing assignments online, you expect your essay to be flawless. That is why we always double-check everything we write. Moreover, we constantly review our writers’ quality of writing and control their performance to make sure that your paper will be of the highest quality. Our customers deserve A+ results, and we deliver them! If you find any mistakes in your order when you receive them, please let us know, and we will revise them for free an unlimited number of times!


Happy Customers

“I’m so happy I have found someone to write my essay!” – that’s what all our customers say. We won’t stop working on your paper unless you are 100% satisfied with it. Thus, we offer free unlimited revisions to ensure that all your expectations are met, your essay is perfect, and you receive the highest grade!

Full Protection of Customers’ Identities

We do not share your personal information with third parties. Your papers are created solely for your use, and they will never be shared online on our website or with others. When you order, we guarantee that all your personal data is safe with us!

Our Team of Professionals

Check out our talented professional and creative writers who can help you achieve academic success! All of them are certified specialists whose writing quality is constantly checked and tested to ensure the highest quality of works. We are always happy to write your essay!

Professional Writer

Jenny White

100% success rate


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Mathematics & Logic Biology Physics Business & Entrepreneurship Ethics
Professional Writer

Emma Taylor

100% success rate


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Finance & Accounting History Social Science Religion & Theology International Relationships
Professional Writer

Matthew Williams

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Business & Management Finance Accounting Statistics Marketing
English and Literature Specialist

Garcia Jones

96% success rate


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English & Literature Art & Film Studies Sociology Psychology History
Social Science Expert

Jonatan Miller

100% success rate


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Jurisprudence Political Science Philosophy Economics Business & Management

Examples of our works

London Operating as a Global City View this sample (PDF)
Tesla Presentation View this sample (PDF)
An Investigation Into the Apple Website View this sample (PDF)
Message Source & Creativity Presentation View this sample (PDF)

I Want You to Write My Paper for Me, How to Place an Order?

Receiving help with writing essays is so easy!

  1. Place an order on our website. Click on “Written Assignment” and choose the subject from the list. If your subject is not in the list – don’t worry! Just choose a random subject and include yours in the details.
  2. Be sure to include the type of essay and the deadline date. You can also include any data you find important; your ideas, comments, and remarks are always welcomed.
  3. Attach any files you think are necessary for the writing process.
  4. Proceed with the payment using the method of payment that is most suitable for you.
  5. Contact our support team in case you have any questions, and receive your perfect assignment shortly!
  6. Leave a review of our essay writing services.

Write my essay, Swiss Scholar!

We understand it when you say, “Write my paper for me; I will pay!” Deadlines, stress, and pressure from all the assignments that need to be completed ASAP can affect your health and mental state rather quickly. We don’t want you to stress over the school! You are supposed to have the time of your life, and numerous essays that are hanging over you don’t let it happen. We have found the solution: you delegate your paper to us and have fun with friends while our team of experts completes your order. As easy as that!

What types of papers do you provide?

When looking for the way to get an essay written, students ask various types of questions:

“Who can I pay to write my essay?”, “Can you write my essay for me in 3 hours?” and “What types of papers do you provide?” We have answers for all of them! If you need to get your paper in as little as 3 hours, we are here to help. We do all types of essays, and we guarantee that they will be of the highest quality. Argumentative, narrative, descriptive, or expository – there is nothing our writers can’t do! We can write from as little as one page to as many pages as you need. The deadline is not a problem, too; just let us know how much time we have, and we will make sure that you receive your perfect essay on time.

Here are some of the types of papers we can write for you:


  • Analytical essay

If you need to get an analytical essay written perfectly, we can help! This type of paper requires substantial analysis of a specific topic such as music, history, art, politics, philosophy, and other topics. Professors like to assign these essays because they can demonstrate not only your theoretical knowledge but your analytical skills, too. If you are unsure that you can deliver flawless work, a team of Swiss Scholar writers can help you impress your teacher with a well-written essay on any topic. Just place your order on our website!

  • Argumentative essay

If you want to order an argumentative essay, we can write it for you! This type of essay uses evidence to support your claims, and it requires you to know how to look for facts and use them properly in your writing. Our essay writers have written multiple argumentative essays, so you don’t need to worry – yours definitely be perfect.

  • Compare-and-contrast essay

What is a compare-and-contrast essay? It is an essay that analyzes similarities and differences between two subjects. The key is to make sure that the two subjects are in the same category. This essay is perfect for highlighting the qualities that separate the two subjects or make them similar. That is why teachers often ask students to write a compare-and-contrast essay to evaluate their skills and knowledge. If that is what you want to order, we’re here to help.

  • Persuasive speech

The main purpose of a persuasive speech is not merely to inform others; in this case, your speech should influence those listening to you and make them agree with what you have to say. We know how to make people listen and how to keep the audience’s attention, and we can write your persuasive speech for you; just place an order on our website.

  • Descriptive essay

If you want to order a descriptive essay, we can also help with that. These essays usually ask students to describe something: an experience, an event, an emotion, or a person. Just text our support team “Write my descriptive essay for me!”, provide details, and receive your A+ paper shortly.

  • Summary

As practice shows, teachers often assign students to write summaries of articles, books, podcasts, documentaries, and movies. Usually, it takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours to read or watch something, and then you are supposed to spend as much time writing the summary. When you have a lot of assignments due, and you are under enough stress already, writing a summary is the last thing you would want to do. That is why students want someone to write their essays for them. Let us help you have more free time and less stress in your life.

  • Letter of motivation

Letters of motivation are extremely important if you are applying for volunteering, an internship, or a new school or college. They can help you shine, demonstrate your talents, interests, ideas, and motivations. We can help you increase your chances of getting in, but we need your help, too! Share as much information about yourself as you can: we need to know details about your passions, past volunteering or internship experiences, and even your plans for the future. We want to make sure that your letter is as detailed and personal as possible, and that is why we always communicate with our customers before writing it.

  • Term Paper

What do you think of when you hear about term papers? Probably loooong research hours. You’re right; writing a term paper is a daunting task, and sometimes, you just need someone to do it for you. Well, you already know what to do! Swiss Scholar is here to write your essay. Just message us on WhatsApp and Telegram and let us help you place an order.

  • Creative writing

Creative writing is often challenging, and students often ask us for help. Our writers who specialize in creative writing are always there to work on your papers and make sure that you are happy with the result. So what are you waiting for? Place your order on our website, and we will make sure that your essay is perfect.

  • Coursework

Writing coursework papers is a huge responsibility, and it takes a lot of time. If you are not confident in your knowledge in a certain subject or don’t have enough time, choose Swiss Scholar essay writing services. We will choose the most experienced and knowledgeable writers in your discipline, and they will make sure to deliver an A+ paper. All we need from you is your course materials because we want to make sure that we incorporate everything you have covered in class in your essay.

  • Application essay

Application essays are, perhaps, the most important because they can influence the student’s future. We want to make sure that you get into the college of your dreams, get the internship you have always wanted, and get selected for that volunteering program that you chose. That is why our writers put extra effort into your application essay.

  • Research paper

Research papers are often challenging to write, and many students seek assignment writing services to help them. A well-written research paper requires a student to spend hours looking for just the right data, analyzing it, and interpreting the findings. It is not about finding information online and organizing it in the right format. A research paper is a great opportunity to analyze a certain perspective or even prove your point. When you order a research paper, our goal is to ensure that you shine in class!

Who will write my essay?

Our team consists of ex-professors and experienced writers who hold Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from British and American universities. Regardless of what you want to order, you will receive plagiarism-free work that corresponds to all academic rules. Our primary value is to make sure that each of our customers is completely satisfied with the provided services, and that is why our recruiting department has found the best experts in various academic fields to make your experience with us smooth and fruitful.


We guarantee that your papers will be plagiarism-free, 100% unique, and your identity will remain anonymous. We don’t share personal data online and with third parties, and we never require your full name, university name, and other details. All the payments are conducted by trusted payment systems such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. Your data is safe with us, so don’t be afraid to order.

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Our customers are curious about

Can Swiss Scholar write my essay cheap?

We know that price may be an issue for some customers, and that is why we have established an affordable pricing policy for our customers to make sure that it will be a win-win cooperation. When it comes to online courses, there is always a space for price negotiation due to length, complexity, and the number of tasks during your online course. Also, our regular customers get always discounts on our services. If you have any questions, regarding our prices, let us know.

How to place an order?

Unlike other writing platforms, Swiss Scholar provides professional assistance not only with academic assignments, but, also, presentations, online exams, and the whole online courses you are enrolled in. We do care about each work that we deliver to our customers, and our individual approach to each of you results in full satisfaction for you. If you want to order either a presentation or written assignment, indicate in the order section number of pages/slides, deadline, subject, topic, and instructions. If you need to upload any additional files concerning your order, you can do it in the “choose file” section. Then, you have to proceed with the payment, and after the order has been successfully placed, our Customer Service Department will get in touch with you for any additional details. Also, you always have an opportunity to contact us before placing the order via WhatsApp, Telegram, or E-mail. If you need help with either an online exam or academic course, choose a necessary subject and we will adopt an individual strategy for you, which will lead you to the best academic outcomes. Also, do not hesitate to send additional details after your order has been placed, it is better late than never.

How can I know that my paper is plagiarsim free?

Swiss Scholar guarantees that everything we complete for our customers is unique and 100% original. Every academic work we complete is written from scratch and checked by an internal plagiarism tool. Our experts never copy any texts or use pre-written papers. Per request, we will deliver a plagiarism report for your confidence in the originality of the delivered content.

Is it legal to order from Swiss Scholar?

Our service is completely legal and used by hundreds of students on a daily basis. You can always read reviews that our customers leave for Swiss Scholar.

Is our cooperation confidential?

Swiss Scholar guarantees 100% confidentiality for all our customers. We will never require your full name or university name. Order details, our chat communication, and the results of our cooperation are fully protected and never will be disclosed to third parties. All the payments are conducted by trusted payment systems such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

Is there the right expert to complete my work?

Swiss Scholar has recruited experts in different fields, and we are ready to assist in almost any subject. Our team consists of ex-professors and experienced writers who hold Master and Ph.D. degrees from British and American universities. Regardless of what you need to have completed, you will receive plagiarism-free work that corresponds to all academic rules. Our primary value is to make sure that each of our customers is completely satisfied with the provided services, and that is why our recruiting department has found the best experts in various academic fields to make your experience with us smooth and fruitful.

What Swiss Scholar Does?

Swiss Scholar makes student life easier and helps you to achieve academic goals. We have helped thousands of students with presentations, written assignments of any type, tutoring during online exams, and academic help during online courses. Just choose any service you need, place an order, and our friendly support will assist you immediately. If you have any additional questions, just contact us by any convenient means, and we will be delighted to help.

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