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Tesla Presentation

Instructions from customer:

In this presentation, you will have to complete a profound analysis of the Tesla Company. You have to do the following in the slides:

  1. Create a company profile with the major information about Tesla (make sure to include business sector of the company, industry in which company is located, and market capitalization of the company);
  2. Next, include the financial analysis of the company over the last several years and make sure to analyze it;
  3. Then, you have to make the industry analysis of the company, analyzing general environment and major competitors of it;
  4. Finally, make sure to write relevant conclusions in the end of the presentation.
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London Operating as a Global City

Instructions from customer:

This is my business research paper in which I have to analyze London from the perspective of a global city. In a nutshell, the following should be included in my project:

  1. Introduction with a right thesis statement;
  2. Methodology of the research;
  3. London labor market and migration;
  4. The housing market in London;
  5. Business infrastructure and environment in the city;
  6. Equity and polarization in London;
  7. Conclusion and references not older than 5 years.
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Message Source & Creativity Presentation

Instructions from customers:

I have a presentation that has to include slides about the sources for a human message and creativity. This should be a well-researched presentation that highlights the most crucial aspects of these topics.

  • First of all, you will have to illustrate how credibility in human interaction should be established;
  • Secondly, you have to analyze the two key principles; namely trustworthiness and expertise;
  • Also, make sure to analyze the structure of a message;
  • Finally, illustrate what creativity is as well as its elements.
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An Investigation into the E-Commerce Website of Apple

Instructions from customer:

This is the report that should evaluate Apple’s website and the company’s E-commerce model. The report should include the following points:

  1. A brief history of the company’s development as in the area of E-commerce;
  2. Analyze the company from the perspective of its revenue and size;
  3. Make a profound analysis of the company’s customers shopping online;
  4. Create a picture of products and services offered by the company.
    Conclusion should include the hypothesis of why the company has become so successful on the market of E-commerce.
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