Ideas for History Essay Topics

Choosing a topic for your history essay may seem easy and even exciting at first, but as the practice has shown, a lot of students are left perplexed when it comes to deciding on a paper topic. You can write a brilliant essay on any theme you have covered in class; the key is to realize what interests you the most and what you genuinely want to write about.

We understand how difficult it can be to land on a topic when there’s so much to choose from. No worries, our list of history topics will definitely help you decide what you want to write a paper about, and it will always be here in case you need more inspiration!

Let’s begin!

Main Challenges

History assignments often have numerous pitfalls that confuse students and even affect the quality of work. You need to remember that researching history topics can help us understand our present. Hence, when doing research, please remember these things:

  1. You can and should question historic events and their causes. When writing your essay, imagine what would change if a person made a different decision or circumstances were different.
  2. Do not simply list events; instead, analyze them thoroughly!
  3. Do not assess events and personalities with words like “positive,” “great,” negative,” etc.
  4. There is no need to include all events in your essay; choose the most relevant ones.
  5. Remember that historical figures are people, too, and they made mistakes and changed their opinions.

How to Pick the Best Topic

Before jumping to the list of topics, let’s discuss how to choose the best one for you. This two-step process is extra simple, historical but it will make the writing process simpler and much more enjoyable.

1 – Brainstorm! Read our list, highlight the topics you like the most, and even try to find an example of a history essay. Then, add all topics you find interesting to your list and keep searching.

2 – Pick a topic that interests you and will satisfy your professor. Even if you are sure that you can write a perfect essay on a particular topic, always make sure that your teacher approves of your choice, and you can proceed.

A friendly reminder to always outlining your future paper and if you don’t understand or remember certain historical events, feel free to use Wikipedia to read about them, but don’t plagiarize!

The List of History Essay Topics:

I. Ancient History:

  1. The religion of Ancient Egypt
  2. Philosophers of Ancient Greece
  3. Greek Mythology: the Religious and Social Function
  4. Causes of the Trojan War
  5. The Origin of the Olympic Games
  6. Slavery in Ancient Greece
  7. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave
  8. Power in Empires: from Assyria to Byzantium
  9. Greek Pantheon
  10. Gender Roles in Ancient Rome
  11. Diet in Ancient Rome
  12. The Architecture of Ancient Rome
  13. Biography of Julius Ceasar and His Role in Roman Empire
  14. Early Latin Literature
  15. Sports in Ancient Rome
  16. Aztecs and Their Life Before the Arrival of Colonists
  17. The Downfall of the Roman Empire
  18. History of the Great Sphinx
  19. Beliefs about Life and Death in Ancient Egypt
  20. Burial Ceremonies in Ancient Egypt
  21. History of the Great Wall
  22. The Terracotta Army
  23. Religions in Ancient China
  24. Confucius and His Teachings
  25. What is so special about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
  26. The Rise of the Akkadian Empire
  27. Persian-Greek Wars: Causes and Consequences
  28. Life of Cleopatra
  29. Achievements of Alexander the Great
  30. Homer: Life and Works

II. Middle Ages

  1. Consequences of the Hundred Years War
  2. The Fall of Burgundy: Causes
  3. Joan of Arc as an Inspiration for Modern Women
  4. How Women Became Leaders in the Middle Ages
  5. Stories of the Crusades and Why You Should Read Them
  6. Intellectual and Cultural Achievements in the 14th Century Europe
  7. Knights of the Middle Ages
  8. The economy in the Middle Ages
  9. Witchcraft during the Middle Ages
  10. Relationships Between the Jews and the Moors
  11. Importance of Marriage in the Middle Ages
  12. The Concept of “Childhood” in the Middle Ages
  13. Literature and the Middle Ages

III. World Wars

  1. The Role of the US in WWI
  2. The Causes of WWI
  3. Nationalism as a Force in Germany in 19th Century
  4. The Leadership of Otto von Bismarck
  5. Were Europe’s Major Powers Ready for the War?
  6. Weltpolitik: What Was It?
  7. How the press and the public responded to declarations of war in August 1914.
  8. Why did the Ottoman Empire enter WWI?
  9. The Battles of Tannenberg and Its Outcomes
  10. The Western VS the Eastern Fronts as Theaters of War
  11. Main Objectives of the War in the Middle East
  12. Why the Trench Warfare Became the Dominant Form of Warfare on the Western Front
  13. Development, Early Use, and Effectiveness of Tanks
  14. What was the Shell Crisis of 1915?
  15. The Treaty of Versailles
  16. Effects of WWI on Social, Political, and Economic Status of Women
  17. WWII: Causes
  18. Anti-Jewish Laws and Violence in Nazi Germany Before WWII
  19. The Life of Anne Frank
  20. Could WWII have been Avoided?
  21. Political Leaders of WWII
  22. Art Movements Inspired by Wartime Events
  23. Medical Developments During WWII
  24. The Issue of Propaganda During WWII
  25. America’s Entry into the War
  26. Hitler’s Influence on German Architecture
  27. The Spies During WWII
  28. Were Concentration Camps Efficient?
  29. Photography and Film During WWII
  30. The Bombing of Dresden in WWII
  31. Political Causes of WWII for Germany and America
  32. The Impacts of WWII on Asia
  33. Controversies of WWII
  34. The Results of WWII
  35. Impact of WWII on Modern Europe

IV. United States History

  1. Impact of Colonization on Native Americans
  2. American Revolution: Causes, Main Events, and Results
  3. Declaration of Independence 1776
  4. Slavery in The United States
  5. Civil War: Key Issues that Caused Conflict Between North and South
  6. Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination
  7. Inventors/Inventions of the 19th Century
  8. Labor Conflicts/Strikes in the Late 1800s
  9. What Happened to Amelia Earhart?
  10. Pearl Harbor: Could it Have Been Predicted?
  11. Truman’s Containment Policy
  12. JFK’s Assassination
  13. Vietnam War: What Were the Social Consequences?
  14. Key People in American History

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